Hystory and Mission


80 years of veterinary medicine at your service

We are ideally located in the industrial area of Cavaria in the district of Varese, a few kilometres north from Milan and very close to Milan Malpensa Airport (Mxp) among green hills and on the Arno river.

We are established in a modern and wide industrial building, where we invite you to visit our Production Department and our Showroom.

C.E. GROUP is a Family Company, which founder is Mr. Augusto Tronci, CEO of the 2 companies below:

COMES ELECTRO SNC: it was founded in 1972, focusing its activity in the design and production of electrical devices for automation in the industrial and medical field, especially Control Panels for X-ray generators.

In 1992 it started the production of the First High-Frequency Veterinary X-Ray system: MAXIVET H.F.

Since the beginning the production was set on a medium-high level, by a continous and direct contact with our customers and offering our qualified and professional service by a team of specialized technicians.

For more information please kindly visit our dedicated website:

MULTIMAGE SRL: it was born in 1992 after the acquisition of Electrom X-ray Company (historical x-ray manufacturer in Human and Vet since 1935).

The activity has been focused as complementary of Comes Electro, as Distributor of Medical Equipment in Italy and Abroad. From the beginning focused on Imaging (Radiology, Ultrasound and Endoscopy) it completed the range of products also in the other fields like Surgery, Laboratory, Furniture and Therapy.

Thanks to a very good marketing and a prompt technical service, it has been always positioned on a medium-high level and at the first places in Italy as annual turnover.

In our showroom it is possible to see the widest range of Radiological x-ray systems in the market, more than 30 models with all their differencies. It is also possible to see all the other Medical Equipment and Accessories and also to test directly the equipment. Our company is an effective and practical organisation, which is able to satisfy any require in the electro-medical instrument according to our customer’s budget.

Multimage is very active in the market by sponsoring Seminars, Conventions, Courses and attending several Exhibitions during the whole year. We also organize our own practical Courses, of Radiology and Ultrasound scanning.

The 2 companies COMES ELECTRO SNC and MULTIMAGE SRL work in a full sinergy.


  • Main building: the 2 companies operate in their own industrial building which surface is 1500 sqm.
  • Subsidiary 1:  it is located in Dolianova (Sardinia) just at 20 minutes far from Cagliari Airport and very well connected with the other areas of Sardinia. Its own 80sqm offices are composed by a showroom, a service department and a stock-house.
  • Subsidiary Sud:  it is ideally located between Rome and Naples, close the Highway which connect North to South Italy.  It operates in a 70sqm building with office, show-room and service department.


1935 elettrom-x-ray starts his activity by manufacturing x-ray orthoscopes  and afterward tele-radiographic equipment and Remote-controlled x-ray systems for Human use
1975 elettrom-xray design, projects and develops the very first x-ray system in Europe exclusively dedicated the Veterinary medicine.
1979 Veterinary Radiology begins to be a reality and the company starts a serie’s production of Veterinary x-ray generators and systems.

Main models were the following:

  • MURALIX 70 – Wall x-ray system
  • MINIROLL 70 – X-ray system with patient table
  • ROLLERVET 70 – X-ray system for high diagnosis
  • MICROVET 70 – X-ray system with patient table
  • AMPLIRAY – Fluoroscope with TV chain
  • SPECIAL 2001 – X-ray system with IB (fluoroscopy)
  • VETERINARIX – Stationary x-ray system with patient table

In 1992 the name changes into Multimage s.r.l.  after the acquisition of the quotes of Elettrom x-ray and the range of products change and develops into a new generation of x-ray systems.

X-ray generators and systems produced by elettrom-x-ray during 50’s.

X-ray system produced in 1970’s
Portable x-ray generator 30 mA
100 KV – in a sole compact block

X-ray systems produced in 1990’s
At the beginning of 1990’s Comes Electro and Multimage start to develop the new “era” of High Frequency Radiology and afterwards Digital Imaging. We internally develop our 40KHz inverter and x-ray generator and we start the serie’s production

In 2016 the numer of H.F. x-ray systems in Europe is over 2500 units.


  • Employers: actually the group counts on 26 employers to follow up all the activites: design, projects, production department, quality control, sales, marketing, Research and Development, logistics, service department, purchase department,  accounting. All the employers are graduated and specialized in their own activity.
  • External sale’s structure: sales are followed by nr.3 Area manager’s  which coordinate nr.14 sale’s agents all over the Italian territory
  • Export: we are organized by a net of Distributors
  • External technical collaborations: for our projects mainly about digital technology we collaborate, since 20 years, with external professional companies in order to keep always our technology up-to-dated.


  • OUR CUSTOMERS: Our group can proudly count nr. 14.870 customers devided into: n° 11.050 for Multimage and n° 3820 for Comes Electro. This means over n° 12.000 x-ray systems and medical equipment installed by Multimage in 24 years of activity.


Multimage products

  • Portable, Mobile and stationary x-ray unit
  • X-ray accessoires films, Cassettes, screens, grids
  • X-ray protection materials gloves, Aprons, Sleeves
  • Ultrasound unit, Endoscopes, Monitors and ecg
  • Anaesthesia, Surgical tables, Scialitic Lamps, Autoclaves
  • Microscopes, Spectrophotometers and laboratory equipment


  • Multimage S.R.L. facilities are located in:
  • Via dell’Industria, 54 – 21044 Cavaria (VA)
  • Ph 0039-0331-219900 / fax 0039-0331-218435


  • Workshop and laboratories 800mq.
  • Offices 300mq.
  • Stores 500mq.


  • Design dept
    • 1 mechanics engineer
    • 2 technicians
  • Electronic
    • 2 engineers
    • 2 technicians
    • 4 workers
  • Manufacturing and mounting dept
    • 1 engineer
    • 2 technicians
    • 6 workers
  • Sale’s dept 1 sales manager
    • 1 engineer
    • 2 sale’s man
  • Accounting and purchasing dept
    • 3 employers
  • Quality control dept
    • 1 engineer


In our R&D center we installed a very modern  “design center” for the mechanical and electronic design, with sofisticate technics of graphics and ingeneering. In our center we plan the new projects,  we make the application analysis and develop new layouts and applications in all details.

Multimage dedicates high attention at the R & D and we are able to follow up the market demands even with fast changes, by using the latest and most advanced technologies. In 1998, thanks to its high experience Multimage, decided to apply to the Quality System Certification.

This certification has been validated in  January 1997 by DNV Der Norske Veritas Italy, after and integration process and supervision of work methods of all the Factory departments.

Multimage and Comes Electro has been the very first Manufacturers  which obtained such kind of Certificate in  the Veterinarian Field in Italy.

Consequently , we have been the first to be able to apply a CE Mark on our equipment.


1) General information

These conditions apply to any purchase carried out, so carefull reading is recommended of customers of what is indicated here.

2) Supply conditions

Characteristics of the product offered or requested, with the related supply conditions, concludes with the forwarding to the customer of an Order Confirmation, in which they come indicated the terms of the sale, which translates into order with the return of the signed document as a sign of acceptance.

3) Repairs and technical interventions

The service is managed throughout the national territory from our Service Center headquarters, which may delegate the various regional centers, due to necessity, for power guarantee the intervention within 24 / 48h.

– Repairs to be made to the Headquarters are immediately managed with the forwarding to the customer of the number of RAN (Repair Authorization Number) so that the ns. warehouse, received the damaged goods, the destined to the department for immediate repair. The Assistance Service will provide within 12h to send the “Internal repair form” which if approved it will start the intervention.

– Repairs to be carried out on site come coordinated by the After-Sales Service that provides within 12h forwarding the “Technical Assistance Form” which, if approved, will initiate the intervention of the technicians at the customer site.

Repairs to be made remotely (online) come Coordinated by the Assistance Service which provides immediately to the forwarding of the “Online Assistance Form” which, if approved, will start the immediate connection.

4) Returns

They are immediately accepted if accompanied by a vs. written indicating the number of RAN (Repair Authorization Number); in case of failed authorization, the warehouse reserves the return to the sender.

5) Processing of personal data

The National and European privacy legislation currently in force, provides that the personal data of the customers are treated in compliance with the laws.
For this purpose, data processing is carried out taking into account of the principles of lawfulness, transparency, correctness, in the protection of confidentiality required by the information available on our place clicking on the “privacy policy” link.


  • Multimage S.R.L. facilities are located in:
  • Via dell’Industria, 54 – 21044 Cavaria (VA)
  • Ph 0039-0331-219900 / fax 0039-0331-218435


  • Workshop and laboratories 800mq.
  • Offices 300mq.
  • Stores 500mq.