1) General information

These conditions apply to any purchase carried out, so carefull reading is recommended of customers of what is indicated here.

2) Supply conditions

Characteristics of the product offered or requested, with the related supply conditions, concludes with the forwarding to the customer of an Order Confirmation, in which they come indicated the terms of the sale, which translates into order with the return of the signed document as a sign of acceptance.

3) Repairs and technical interventions

The service is managed throughout the national territory from our Service Center headquarters, which may delegate the various regional centers, due to necessity, for power guarantee the intervention within 24 / 48h.

– Repairs to be made to the Headquarters are immediately managed with the forwarding to the customer of the number of RAN (Repair Authorization Number) so that the ns. warehouse, received the damaged goods, the destined to the department for immediate repair. The Assistance Service will provide within 12h to send the “Internal repair form” which if approved it will start the intervention.

– Repairs to be carried out on site come coordinated by the After-Sales Service that provides within 12h forwarding the “Technical Assistance Form” which, if approved, will initiate the intervention of the technicians at the customer site.

– Repairs to be made remotely (online) come Coordinated by the Assistance Service which provides immediately to the forwarding of the “Online Assistance Form” which, if approved, will start the immediate connection.

4) Returns

They are immediately accepted if accompanied by a vs. written indicating the number of RAN (Repair Authorization Number); in case of failed authorization, the warehouse reserves the return to the sender.

5) Processing of personal data

The National and European privacy legislation currently in force, provides that the personal data of the customers are treated in compliance with the laws.

For this purpose, data processing is carried out taking into account of the principles of lawfulness, transparency, correctness, in the protection of confidentiality required by the information available on our place clicking on the “privacy policy” link.