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Start with high-end technology

Aquilion Start is packed with premium technology originally developed for our high-end CT systems. It is carefully crafted and adapted to the changing requirements of healthcare organizations, including the need for faster workflows, universal accessibility, and sound economics.

Quality care for management

Opening up new opportunities – With a minimum installation space of only 9.8 m2 and minimal power consumption, Aquilion Start fits even
into most bucky rooms. Have you ever considered the clinical advantages 3D CT imaging could provide over conventional X-ray?

Quality care for patients

As healthcare becomes more accessible, the number of patients requiring CT scans has significantly increased. Aquilion Start incorporates advanced technologies to optimize patient care and accelerate clinical decision making. Innovative high-end features ensure that you can acquire premium-quality images routinely at very low patient dose.

Integrated dose reduction

Canon Medical‘s AIDR (Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction) 3D Enhanced is fully integrated into the system‘s workflow, taking the guesswork out of optimizing patient dose. The exposure dose is automatically reduced by up to 75%.

More efficient imaging

PURE ViSION Detector technology, which was introduced in our premium systems, has been adapted for Aquilion Start to achieve the perfect balance of image quality and patient dose for outstanding speed in routine clinical practice.

Advanced motion correction

Canon Medical’s APMC (Advanced Patient Motion Correction) technology provides clear, artifact-free images even if the patient moves slightly while being examined.

Metal artifact reduction

Dose-neutral SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction) reduces artifacts caused by metal for better visualization of implants, supporting bone and adjacent soft tissue.

Bone-free imaging (optional)

Subtraction CTA enables superior visualization in CT angiography with
true subtraction of bone and calcifications.

Improved lesion detection (optional)

Iodine Mapping provides clearly defined perfusion with color blood flow maps as a result of advanced registration and subtraction.

Quality care for operators

Aquilion Start‘s gantry features design innovations to improve the scanning experience for patients while providing excellent operability and work safety for the technician. The system‘s wide bore and couch allow comfortable scanning for even the largest of patients. The couch top can be lowered to a minimum height of 31.2 cm for facilitating patient transfer from a wheelchair or stretcher.

Zero-click workflows

Fully automated, protocol-integrated applications make complex exams easy and provide robust and reproducible results. Zero-click algorithms enable superior image quality without the need for manual interaction, saving valuable time while improving consistency of examinations.

Single-press positioning

With its simplified gantry panels, Aquilion Start streamlines operation and speeds up procedures. Complete patient positioning, for instance, can be done with one single push of a button.

Main specifications
Detector PUREViSION detector technology – 16 / 32 slices

Rotation time 15 s / 1.0 s / 0.75 s

Bore aperture 78 cm

Tilt Flex e-Tilt

Patient couch

Max. load 220 kg

Max. scan range 183 cm (long couch)

Reconstruction speed Up to 15 fps
Reconstruction Iterative reconstruction AIDR 3D Enhanced

Power capacity 50 kVA

Min. installation space 9.8 m2 (short couch) (Option)

Image quality Spatial resoluton 18.0 lp/cm at MTF 0 % (For reference)

Codifica prodotto
TAC.AQU.OX AQUILION Start Quality Care for all TAC